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Diamond Methodology

The Diamond Methodology is MyWebteam's winning approach to conceptualizing, planning, and executing solutions to complex business problems. To the people visiting our client's online business, it translates into a superior and seamless Web experience. The result? Your project done right the first time, on time, and on budget.

1. Exploration

  • Clarify and define key company/project objectives and success criteria
  • Assess the overall structure and content of the proposed site
  • Perform competitive analysis (if required)
  • Perform industry research
  • Define budgets and costs
  • Develop communication channels
  • Make technical and design recommendations based on findings
  • Maintain on time/on budget

2. Design

  • Build demo(s) or prototype(s) to test our concepts
  • Develop architecture/navigation
  • Develop look and feel/graphic design
  • Develop technical design/infrastructure
  • Test prototype usability and functionality
  • Maintain on time/on budget

3. Development

  • Ensure project remains on strategy
  • Complete design based on client feedback
  • Develop main sections and subsections from copy provided by client
  • Complete technical infrastructure and systems integration with databases and scripts, if used
  • Test functionality
  • Maintain on time/on budget

4. Deployment

  • Ensure project remains on strategy
  • Coordinate with Marketing Department for offline advertising and marketing
  • Deploy statistical tracking software
  • Develop metatag code and Keyword Doorway pages
  • Launch site live online
  • Hand-submit to search engines
  • Provide training/support
  • Monitor success