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"...No one else I have ever dealt with has been more sympathetic to my needs. You are one of the few handfuls of companies that will actually return calls in a reasonable amount of time, and are able to explain technical issues in a language that anyone can understand."

-Alex Bivin R&I Coins


With MyWebteam, your Website can sell your products, generate sales leads and save you significant money on customer support costs. At a few dollars a day, your professional Website with MyWebteam can pay for itself, often several times over.

Here are 14 competitive advantages why MyWebteam is the right choice for your business needs:

1. Not Just a Website—a Total Business Solution
You don’t get just a Website with MyWebteam, you get a total business solution at your finger-tips to run and market your business. Our clients love the fact that everything they need is all in one place at their fingertips. The result? The peace of mind knowing your time is spent more efficiently running your business.

2. Patent-Pending Project Management System (PMS)
We’ve built a home-grown internal, Web-based Project Management System called MyPortal. MyPortal keeps everyone on the same page, with information at everyone’s finger-tips. You can log-in and see who is working on your project and where it’s at. The result? Your Web design or Website development project delivered on time!

3. Custom Superior Web Design
MyWebteam brings extensive knowledge and experience in web design principles to your project; including artistic design, functional design and technical design. This translates into a site with:

  • A superior quality look and feel
  • An outstanding user interface
  • Optimized loading and operating speeds
  • Easy and intuitive to navigate
  • Customized based on your unique requirements and tastes
  • Exclusively tailored and owned by you

4. Depth of Web Development Technology
Our staff is familiar with the latest in proven technologies. Our skills are wide and varied. We make recommendations based on what is best for our clients not what is easiest for us.

5. Understanding of Business and Web Strategy
Our consultation services focus on matching your Internet needs to your business objectives. Web projects are started once we clearly understand how to incorporate your business goals into your Internet strategy.

6. Excellent Track Record
MyWebteam, Inc. has been designing Websites for many years. We have both a high customer satisfaction rating and high customer retention rate. Our Websites are industry recognized for their quality and usability.

7. Superior Value
Our consultation, design and production services are extremely efficient while delivering the highest levels of quality at a great price. Additionally, you choose the level of design and production to meet your budget. With a patent-pending online Project Management System, we are able to be more efficient in our work-flow, allowing us to pass the savings on to you.

8. Get More for your Money 
You get a lot more for your money with MyWebteam than anyone else. Custom, high-end exclusive design, unlimited Webpages, online marketing that drives targeted traffic to your Website, and online business tools. Plus we offer over 511,000 royalty-free images to choose from, with 11,000 new images added each week.

9. Our Experienced Team
MyWebteam starts with the right team to deliver top quality web-based solutions. Our staff consists of formally trained and degreed professionals that combine extensive experience, business strategy, creative design, with knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. The best team is then assembled around your unique project.

10. Consistent Customer Service
MyWebteam's consistent and responsive customer service is one of the qualities that set us a part from the competition. We generally return phone calls and emails within the hour. The result? The peace of mind knowing all your requests are taken care of within 24 hours.

11. Web Design and Development Diamond Methodology Process
The Diamond Methodology is a rigorous and well-defined process to reduce project costs, minimize development risk, speed time to market, and deliver secure, reliable Web solutions.
The result? The peace of mind knowing your project will be done right the first time, on time, and on budget.

12. Holistic Turn-Key Approach
Along with our quality, team, Diamond Methodology process, and customer service, our clients love the fact that everything they need is all in one place. All Website design and development related services, from hosting to online marketing (SEO), from web design graphic to database development, are handled with one phone call by an assigned Project Manager.
The result? The peace of mind knowing your time is spent more efficiently and your project is seamless.

13. Our Guarantee
Sign up with MyWebteam to have your Website developed - we guarantee our work and stick to our proposed price. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. The result? Peace of mind.

14. Made in USA
Your high-quality Website is hand-crafted here--keeping jobs in America!

For more information, check out our Manager’s Website Resource Guide at This Website is an information-rich resource for business owners and management looking to partner with a Website design and development partner. This resource guide will give you a better understanding of our industry, inform you on what to look for (and watch out for) in Web design firms, and educate you on proper Web design, layout and development standards used in professional Websites.