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How e-Commerce Works

The four components of Internet e-Commerce are:

  1. Shopping Cart: Online program consisting of a products database that displays information based upon the user's requests. Automatically keeps track of what is selected and itemizes all costs at the end of a purchase

  2. Secure Hosting: The physical location where the Website files and database reside on a computer connected to the Internet

  3. Merchant Bank Account: A service offered by a bank institution to allow merchants the ability to accept payments from a credit card

  4. Payment-Processing Software: This is the link to the bank. There are three methods to accept credit cards:
    a. Manual entry/card swipe on a small machine
    b. Software that dials into the bank after credit card information is entered into a computer
    c. Automated real-time transactions using a software protocol on the Internet to check the credit availability of a potential customer, and approve or decline the customer

All three payment-processing methods debit the funds from the user's credit card account and transfer them to the merchant's bank account when approved.

MyWebteam offers all four of these Internet e-Commerce components custom-tailored to your unique business needs.

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