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"...Now our site comes up on the search engines we wanted and the ranking is getting better and better every month. For a company like ours, that is always trying to stay one step ahead of our competitars, My Web Team gave us the advantage."

-Tiffany Rochel John Robert Powers

Where is your Website in the search engines? Find out how we can get you noticed!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) holds many hazards hidden from the untrained eye. Search services are varied and complex and getting your web site listed within the search engines and directories and found by your audience is surprisingly difficult.

Did you know that 95 percent of submissions to crawler-based services are turned away as inappropriate, and Web sites that intentionally deceive the search audience (spam) can be banned for life by some of the major services? So how should you navigate such treacherous waters?

Were glad you asked - MyWebteam's full time certified Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Specialist will guide you through these treacherous waters and lead you and your website, using proper optimization techniques, to the top of the rankings and get your site listed within the top search engines and directories for long term stability and growth.

Whether your goal for your website is to increase your online sales, to promote company branding, information awareness, or to simply get your website listed within the search engines and directories, MyWebteam's specialist can provide you with a customized optimization plan that will best help you reach your websites goal and targeted audience.

Find out how our SEO expert gets your website to the top of the search engines for maximum results.

Contact us today for a free website optimization review or to make an appointment!