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"I have used MyWebTeam to design and build a website for me on two different occasions with two different organizations. The reason I went back to Thomas Ryan and his team was because I was extremely happy with their service, responsiveness, and creativity, the first time. The second time was no different. Although time had lapsed in between organizations, there was no lapse in the service, responsiveness, and creativity, from MyWebTeam, the second time around. I would not hesitate to use MyWebTeam again. You will not be disappointed, they will make it right for you until you are satisfied."

Alan Schechter
Pyro Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"I would like to thank My Webteam, Inc. for the exceptional work they have been doing with our website optimization service. Not only have they given us significant increases in traffic to the Experian BizInsight website (, the most important factor is the new first time visitors are steadily increasing. Additionally, the website has achieved rankings where we previously had no results and in many cases we've not only beaten out our competition for our specific search terms, but we're consistently in the top search results. We also appreciate the manner in which Lynda Dillon is able to explain and decipher website and search engine 'tech-talk' into language that we can comprehend, making the overall experience a lot more enjoyable. I gladly recommend My Webteam, Inc. to anyone who is interested in professional search engine optimization."

Alon Hartuv
Experian BizInsight Business Marketing Solutions

"Thomas Ryan and MyWebteam have worked with Resources Connection for two years. During the course of our business relationship, they have developed two unique, professional Websites for Resources. In fact, one of our sites won several awards. We have relied upon their experience to provide expert advice in the areas of Website graphics, database development, and Internet marketing. MyWebteam has provided great service and is very responsive when errors are discovered or when we have urgent requests."

Gloria Hudson
Resources Connection

"I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the JumpStart Interactive CD that MyWebteam developed for us. We have had tremendous response from our clients and have even attracted new business since the CD was presented at one of our largest industry events.

More specifically, the creation process was very streamlined and allowed us to work with the developers directly in an interactive fashion. This resulted in a high-quality product that was very well-positioned for the purpose intended. We had a short timeline for this project, and the flexibility and knowledge of your team was critical in meeting our deadlines.

I just wanted to express our appreciation of your professionalism and capabilities in helping us develop our first interactive CD. We look forward to future projects and a positive ongoing relationship with your organization."

Rodney Runolfson
Deloitte Consulting

"Nelson-Dunn, Inc. has been dealing with MyWebteam since late July of this year. Before that, we were involved with another Web hosting company that had changed avenues of business to buying and selling domain names. Unfortunately, this company left us behind in the dust. That's when MyWebteam came to the rescue. I knew nothing about how the Internet worked. Would we be able to keep our addresses? What would happen to the hosting of our Website? Who would we now use as our ISP? Thomas and Mark answered all my questions.

Transferring from one host to another was quite an ordeal considering I had no help from the previous company. But Mark was there to help me through it. The high-tech computer lingo started making sense. From there, we set up our e-mail accounts and we were good to go. Now, we can check our e-mail through our own mail site anywhere there's Internet access?a feature we didn't have before. At the moment, Nelson-Dunn is laying out plans to redesign the site. I'm hoping MyWebteam will be a part of that transformation.

To sum it up, MyWebteam made me feel important. Not only from a business standpoint, but also personally. They went the extra distance for our company and its success in dealing with the World Wide Web. MyWebteam?a company you can trust to NOT leave you in the dust."

Leslie Wong
Nelson-Dunn, Inc.

"Thomas Ryan and MyWebteam came in and overhauled our site. The site results were fantastic, and the interaction with his team has been professional and top- notch. Site traffic has increased by over 500% with their assistance, and our Website is now a source of pride for our company. Thanks, Thomas, and the MyWebteam crew!"

Jeff Smith
JWC Environmental

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