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"Our company went to MyWebTeam on a recommendation from a friend. They were great. One of the things that’s worrisome when you get a website made is how much input you should give as a client. I’m a person that likes things my way. I thought I might say too much and possibly irritate the team. Then I thought, “Hey, I’m paying for this.” After that moment of clarity, I let them have it. I threw all my suggestions at them. Nobody flinched. Nobody even blinked. John Boulter sat down and listened to everything. (He also doodled some kind of hieroglyphics he called his “notes.”) Nodoka, the web designer, listened with a Zen like quality. Then, she walked out of the room. Then, she came back, and the website was perfect. Well, okay, it wasn’t that quick, but almost. MyWebteam? They’re great. Go ahead and let them have it. I did. It worked out great."

Francois Dubau
American Memoirs

"I am extremely pleased with the service that MyWebteam has provided us. No one else I have ever dealt with has been more sympathetic to my needs. You are one of the few handfuls of companies that will actually return calls in a reasonable amount of time, and are able to explain technical issues in a language that anyone can understand. Thanks for the great service!"

Alex Bivin
R&I Coins

"We were having problems with our HTML writing and using FrontPage software. I called MyWebteam and had a number of telephone conversations with them. The service was a very good, resulting in a satisfied customer. Thank you."

Carl Beck
Allbex Financial Partners

"Our business is growing like mad, and the service we are providing produces results. I thank you and your team for being my partner in this new endeavor. I selected MyWebteam because I had never done any type of work on the Web and knew I would need a lot of hand-holding and professional assistance to bring my site to life. You helped me finish the site, installed e-Commerce, set up e-mail and took care of my e-Commerce banking needs. I am convinced that I would not have been able to bring my dream to life without your help. You have proven your customer commitment focus to me several times and I thank you. The technical service is very reliable, and my site is always up and ready for a customer to visit. I look forward to your continued support in developing my site and helping build my business."

David Roller
Company Direct Connect

"Over a long career in corporate design and advertising, I came to realize how important it was to create family business relationships that would never let me?or my clients?down. As time passed, the list became ever shorter. And, because of this 'family,' the results have been gratifying for everyone, especially in the long run, where repeat business is usually more cost-efficient than new business searches. Recently, the family list has grown thanks to MyWebteam an integral, strategic partner in Website design, implementation and development, Web hosting, and multimedia solutions. Their level of teamwork and talent mirrors those of the rest of my family while strengthening opportunities for my clients in an ever-changing world of marketing communications. Thus, I always recommend MyWebteam to my clients whenever we enter the world of the World Wide Web and multimedia. If you or your clients are searching for a Web team that personifies the concepts of experience and teamwork to accomplish the mission, 'MyWebteam' says it all."

Dave Ohman
Professional Photographer

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