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"We can’t begin to tell you how pleased we are with our new website. Thank you to MyWebteam for working with us as a true partner in our success. MyWebteam was attentive and responsive to the unique needs of our business and our strong desire to provide our customers with a professionally and technically efficient website. The final product was beyond our expectations.

We recently launched our website and have been receiving rave reviews. Our clients and prospective clients are saying: “Your website is first rate”, “ It is spectacular”, "It is sharp, clear, fast and extremely professional", “It is outstanding”. MyWebteam’s associates are creative, technically savvy and earnest in their desire to produce an outstanding product for their clients. They go the extra mile."

Judy Roseth
CEO, The Roseth Group

“This website portrays the message, design and allure we’ve been looking for. MyWebteam's contributions have resulted in the specialized look and feel that customers who need expert assistance relating to eBusiness professional services have come to expect.”

Patricia L. Converse
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
eBusiness Solution Pros, Inc.

"With only two weeks from our new web site rollout, and hundreds of web pages of textual content and header graphics still to add to our HTML code, we knew we needed additional help. Within 24 hours of our request, My Web Team had mobilized a top knotch HTML coder to come on-site and work with our content, and a fantastic graphic designer to help create additional custom header graphics. My Web Team was able to hit the aggressive deadlines we gave them so that we could hit our web site rollout date. We had a very successful launch of the new website and are very pleased with the last minute, very responsive support provided by My Web Team."

Thomas Toth
Corporate Web Master
Macromedia Certified Professional
Rainbow Technologies

"In April 2003 we begin the interview process of finding the best and brightest web development team available. We had very specific needs, including intricate programming, a timeline tight timetable and many data base elements that were necessary if our site were to function as a stand alone system. After interviewing over 10 firms we settled on My Web Team.

We could not have made a better choice. They combine the elements on any successful business, a staff of some of the most creative people you would ever want to work with, top notch programmers and organizational skills to keep the project on track. We launched on schedule, they exceeded our expectations for the site and as the site continues to evolve we continue to work closely with them on all elements related to the site.

If you are fortunate enough to have the ability to work with My Web Team you will be rewarded with a wonderful site and experience."

Steve Schulze

"In this day and age of Internet business, website impressions are very important. MyWebteam created a site that is easy to use and very professional. We’re pleased to be able to offer our customers this wonderful resource to compliment our business."

“We engaged MyWebteam to design and develop the Gish Biomedical Website. The team was very competent, and took our complex product catalog and programmed it so that I can update it easily anytime. The whole process was smooth, and I didn’t have to spend too much time, making my job so much easier. We were very happy with the professional design, and received many compliments. I highly recommend MyWebteam as the team to go with”

Liza Mlcoch
Product Manager
Gish Biomedical, Inc.


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